Cheat At The Melbourne Casino And Unusual Bet In Tanzania

Cheat At The Melbourne Casino And Unusual Bet In Tanzania post thumbnail image

We invite you to discover a rather crazy story around the world of casinos with a scam over AU $ 400,000 at the Crown Casino in Melbourne and a rather unusual fact around the middle of the bet with a funny guy who bet his woman on a football match… and who loses her!

A Scam Over AU $ 400,000

The Crown Casino in Melbourne will long remember this case involving one of its Melbourne dealers, as well as three players. The little gang were arrested for cheating at the Crown Casino baccarat tables. But if this may seem trivial, it seems important to us to specify that the damage amounts however to more than 400,000 Australian dollars. If they have managed to divert so much, it is quite simply because they have managed to pocket gains over several sessions in a row. But they will manage to be spotted and arrested by security.

A Dealer Who Helped Players Win

We all know it around here, and the number of stories we tell about it every month on proves it: cheating at the casino is far from easy.

But video cameras are not the only means that casino security uses to quickly spot abnormal winnings. Indeed, when a gaming table reports a series of large wins and quickly, red signals are sent to the management who will then have to decide whether these wins are the result of simple luck, as some players experience, or if, on the contrary, it is a more or less orchestrated cheat. And it is this second solution that was chosen for our little anecdote of the day revolving around this quartet of cheaters in Australia.

While not all of the details of the cheat technique are released to the media, it’s safe to say that the parade did look pretty crass though. So we were dealing here with a dealer, named Michael Huo, who simply operated with three players who are Ke Wang, Fiona Shum and Yixuan Cui. Their goal was to extract winnings with ease on the baccarat tables and they will succeed in the moment since it will not be less than AU $ 431,700 which will then be diverted from March 26 to May 1 of last year, and this in some 58 hours of play!

A Simple Cheat Technique

And if we were telling you about a rather crude method, it is indeed because their modus operandi seemed rather simple on the whole. So simple that we are all to this day, within the editorial staff, wondering how they could have stolen so much without being caught. The croupier did everything he could to find the first cards of the deck he was going to use. It only remained for him then to inform the players of certain key cards, allowing them to be able to bet knowingly and of course to grab solid gains quite regularly.

According to the viewing of the recordings of the surveillance cameras, we could see a Michael Huo take a look at the first cards and this, at least twenty times, in order to allow his accomplices to bet on the good result. A fairly simple and judicious method since players can just as easily bet for the player, the bank or a split in baccarat. A sharing which in fact represents the most profitable result in terms of odds, being for its part the least statistically probable.

This case is not about to end, as the prosecution intends to convict the players as well as the dealer. Ke Wang is for her the only player in the group who could get by without serious prosecution, because according to the investigation she would only have participated in the scam to the tune of AU $ 1,900! But if this affair seems rather unusual to you, wait until you read our second news item which is even more astonishing and surprising …

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